Children's Furniture purchasing skills

- May 11, 2017 -

Children's Furniture purchase can be adopted in a free combination of ways: according to the study, bedroom space, environment and function of the use of the needs of flexible arrangements for the ingenious combination of the ideal personality space. Color, most lively, crisp, natural and interchangeable with style, give children more free choice, cultivate their aesthetic taste.

Smell smell

The sale of wooden furniture in the market, in addition to all solid wood furniture, most of the man-made board components. So when purchasing special highlights smell. If the flow of tears, sneezing, the furniture of formaldehyde emission is higher, may have problems, do not buy.

See report

Consumers ask the dealer for quality inspection reports to see if the amount of formaldehyde emission from the furniture is permitted in the standard. The national standard "indoor decoration material wooden furniture hazardous material limit" stipulation, wood furniture formaldehyde emission per litre must not exceed 1.5 mg, such as the purchase of wooden furniture formaldehyde exceeded do not buy, the recommended purchase to meet the E1 standard plate made of furniture, only to reach the E1 level of the standard plates can really be harmless to the human body.

Selection of adhesive dosage less furniture material environmental protection level from low to high, respectively, MDF, particleboard, large core panels, plywood, laminated timber, timber, solid wood.

Avoid choosing too brightly colored furniture because most bright paints contain heavy metals such as lead. The test shows that 23 samples containing lead paint, orange paint with the highest lead content, the rest is yellow, green, brown and so on. At 1 metres from the ground, the concentration of lead in the air is 16 times times 1.5 metres, and children are in the range of height.

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