Different features

- May 11, 2017 -

The design of Montessori teaching aids is based on the sensitive period of young children, taking full account of the age and scope of application, with hierarchical and logical, so that children can realize their potential development independently during operation, and achieve the goal of progressive development. At the same time, in the same kind of teaching aids there is a clear transition, that is, the system is very strong, only in the children mastered the first stage of the teaching aids operation on the basis of the next stage, so that can help children's ability to consolidate and improve.

The toy itself is not systemic, its operation method is arbitrary and simple, can not give the child system training, it is difficult to help children steadily develop intelligence, to achieve self-building.

For example, everyday life exercises lay the groundwork for sensory education, and sensory education is not only the aim of developing children's perception ability, but also the basis of higher level mathematics, language, science and culture and art education.

Montessori teaching aids is based on the child's sensitive period, it is systematic and complete, in line with the development of human mind. It can ensure that the preschool education system is fully implemented and that it is not possible for toys or other educational laws. As Meng Tai Thoreau said, "Our teaching aids makes independent education possible, and allows systematic sensory training, which is not based on the ability of teachers, but relies on teaching aid systems." The teaching aids first provides a material entity that attracts the attention of children, but also contains a reasonable level of stimulation. ”