Different meanings

- May 11, 2017 -

Montessori teaching aids to cultivate children's internal and external sense of order, this function is not only embodied in the teaching aids itself, but also related to the periphery of everything. In the operation of teaching aids, the user must take the order of the removal of the teaching aids, orderly, respect it and maintain it. If two of children are to choose the same teaching aids, then one of the people must be patient waiting for others to use, and can not compete. The establishment of these rules will help children to form the personality of respect, patience, comity, and the social development needed to coexist with others. In addition, the Montessori teaching aids operation, not always alone, sometimes it is necessary to work with other small partners, then, the child in cooperation with others to complete the job, his social character, such as the feelings of others, self-control, independence, coordination ability, treats people friendly, helping others will also develop.

Toys can't do that, most toys or toy games are children a of their own. When children are used, they tend to mix all parts casually together, and some will let parents instead of him. The lack of toys is not the characteristics of children to develop good habits, and thus undermine the children's planning, systemic, disciplinary and social.