Education Law

- May 11, 2017 -

Scope of application

Montessori's primary teaching approach applies to 3 children, divided into the following four aspects

Sports (muscles exercises)

In order to promote the normal development of children's physiological activities, so that their daily life is skilled, Montessori attaches great importance to children's muscle exercises, she in addition to shun its natural, let children by sitting, starting, walking, dressing, stripping, taking care of animals and plants, and other behaviors have been good sports practice, but also invented various instruments, such as Spiral ladder, rocking chair and so on, to help young children to train, also compiled gymnastics even breathing, lip, tongue, teeth and other special exercises.

Sensory Education

This is the central part of Montessori method, which will focus on the commentary below. Montessori believes that sensory training is not only for the future of children's real life, but also the basis for children to receive knowledge and develop intelligence.

Knowledge education

Combining sensory training, early childhood education for reading, writing, counting, music, etc. At the same time, the language skills of children are developed through conversation.

Practical Life Exercises

such as clothing, personal hygiene, indoor finishing, so that children do not need to help others to deal with their day-to-day life matters, cultivate their independence. It is not difficult to see that Montessori's practice has many merits for preschool education. As for the sensory education of Montessori, further analysis is required.