Methods and measures

- May 11, 2017 -

Perhaps people will ask that the two ideas that wander and mental disorders are more serious, which is difficult to answer, largely depending on the age of the child and the surroundings. We found that once the normalization of the environment guaranteed, those immersed in the game or fantasy of the fugue is more easy to cure. As for the same child, the younger the younger the more easily cured. This is like a person fleeing somewhere, because there is no need to find what he needs, if the environment in that place has changed, with what he needs, he can go back.

In the Montessori environment, there are abundant teaching aids and beneficial activities, which has a spontaneous attraction for children. When the children of these deviations are gradually put into some work, their excited fantasy and restless movements will disappear, they will calmly face the reality, began to improve themselves through work, gradually become normalized children. Their purposeful action has become a direction, body limbs can become a tool of thought, and to understand and understand the situation in the surrounding environment, and ultimately to explore the knowledge of their useless curiosity.