The distinction between Montessori teaching aids and toys

- May 11, 2017 -

Montessori work material (Montessori Materials), the Montessori teaching aids, which provides young children with a spirit and material combination of the best way, is based on the careful observation and careful thinking of young children created, each a pieces of teaching aids design and production of originality. Montessori teaching aids is not a tool for teachers to use, but to provide children with "growth work" when the use of "materials", they are not auxiliary teachers in class, but to allow children to carry out independent education, the media to explore themselves. Montessori teaching aids and ordinary toys are very different.

Different purpose

Montessori teaching aids placed in the preparation of the studio, there are strict rules of use, with specific educational significance. It can help children's life natural growth, the self-construction of the mind, realize the sensory training of the system, and promote the coordinated development of muscle function, so that children can acquire spiritual nutrition in the course of operation, realize their own education and develop individual potentials.

Toys are to cater to children's preferences for the purpose, not educational significance, children can play freely. Therefore, toys do not have the ability to cultivate children's focus, willpower, discipline and other functions, the child's mental development can not be instructive.