The role of teaching aids

- May 11, 2017 -

Parents should accompany children's growth, but why use toys to occupy children's childhood, instead of adopting more meaningful forms? For example, Montessori teaching aids and activities, why not let them participate in real life?

Some people think that there is no Montessori teaching aids can also carry out Montessori education. We do not deny this, because Montessori education philosophy is profound, can penetrate into other teaching ideas. However, it is not feasible to implement purely Montessori education without teaching aids.

Montessori believes that young children can borrow from external stimulation to stimulate their intrinsic vitality, especially when young children in various sensitive periods, the corresponding stimulus effect is more evident. It is according to this, Montessori teaching aids will be a variety of stimulating points contained therein. We know that the development of the function and capacity of an organ depends on the activities of its organs, as long as the appropriate stimulus is given in the sensitive period of its function. At this time, children can easily grasp their functions and abilities through the role of the innate absorptive mind. However, this sensitivity period is short-lived and will fade away for some time. Therefore, we must give stimulus before the sensitive period is not gone.