Value Outlook

- May 11, 2017 -

The unique charm of Montessori education Law stems from the full study and understanding of children, abide by the sensitive period of children, inspire children's potential, develop children's independence, self-confidence, focus and creativity in relaxed and pleasant surroundings, and to lay a good quality foundation for the future growth of children. The Meng Shi Education Law extends to the European continent, and also goes to the world, Meng Shi Education Law to popularize a hundred years of fruitful results, its theory is constantly improving and development, the world has been widely respected in preschool education circles and recognition, in the United States, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Australia and other pre-school developed countries are extremely concerned, Montessori school has been in more than more than 100 countries.

In our country, with the emergence of a large number of parent-child parks, special kindergartens, the community's demand for early teachers and kindergarten teacher increased sharply. Recommended examinee can choose to study Meng Shi education and other characteristics of kindergarten teacher Education specialty. Because the public schools do not open this profession, examinee can choose some private schools to study.