Children's Furniture

- May 12, 2017 -

The room for children's meaning is not only the place to sleep, after school they will spend most of their time here. Learning, entertainment, rest, the room is like a child's exclusive world. Here they learn to take care of themselves, experience rebellious, start sensible, from here they acquire energy and courage to face the challenges of growth. We believe that a happy animation element of the bedroom, will let the children every day more exciting.


Nowadays, the children are the apple of their parents ' eye, and they touch the toys and food, so that parents tighten the nerves. But for the children accompanied by the furniture, parents are difficult to check.

However, parents do not have to worry about this situation, China's first national standards for children's furniture, "Children's furniture general technical conditions", August 1, 2012, which will end children and adults share a furniture GB status quo.