International Montessori Association

- May 11, 2017 -

The International Montessori Association (AssociationMontessoriInternationale,AMI), Dr. Maria Mont, a non-governmental organization created by the organization, is a long-term cooperation unit of UNESCO, the AMI in 1929 in Denmark, the same year convened the first International Montessori Conference, Mongolia Montessori president. The AMI aims to carry out and promote the research results of Dr. Montessori, and to preserve the great legacy of the world, which Dr. Montessori has left.

A qualified AMI teacher must undergo 96 days of full-time training and 2 months of observation internship, 6 months of theoretical and teaching aids operation training. In the 6-month theory and teaching aids operation training process also need to complete the theoretical defense and work manual production, and ultimately need to pass the AMI organization examinations to successfully obtain the qualification certificate of teachers.