International Montessori Personal Quotations

- May 11, 2017 -

1, the mother and the preschool teacher's love, almost to God.

2, the noble of mankind comes from you are you, you are not the replica of others.

3, repeated exercises are children's intellectual gymnastics.

4, children will not judge themselves, he is judged by the attitude of others to him.

5. The independence of the child through self-reliance and the independence of the will by the free use of its choice, and the independence of thought through independent work without interruption.

6, the discipline of life is Order; the discipline of intelligence is focus; the discipline of the act is obedience.

7, adults should fear children.

8, as long as the preparation of a free environment to cooperate with the development of children's life, the children's spirit and secrets will spontaneously emerge.

9, we now see the most erroneous idea is that physical activity is only physical activity, think it does not have a higher level of function, in fact, the development of the mind and physical action, and the existence of interdependence.

10, adults cannot directly help children form themselves, because it is a natural job, but adults must be careful to respect the realization of this goal, that is, to provide children with the necessary to form their own but not to obtain materials.