Main Achievements Of Maria Mont In Taiwan

- May 11, 2017 -

Montessori was in Assistant physician (1896-1898), and the primary responsibility was to treat mentally handicapped children. At that time, Italy held mentally handicapped children in the Mad Men's Hospital with psychiatric patients. There are no toys in the room, there is not even anything available for children to grasp and manipulate, and the management of the poor attitude, not organizing any activities. Montessori expressed deep sympathy for the plight of these children. By observing and studying, she felt deeply that the medical approach could only accelerate the child's intelligence decline. Since then, she has had an interest in the treatment and education of mentally handicapped children and is determined to help them with their own wisdom. In order to find an educational method suited to mentally handicapped children, Montessori studied the educational ideas and methods of Segen, including the French physician's Ituri and Belgium. She personally translated their writings and transcribed them to deepen their understanding, and the Segen was a prominent figure in the 19th century training of mentally deficient children. The Iraqi tower was treated in 1900 to a "reared" (Avignon Boy) who grew up in the woods after an early abandoned, and published an experimental report. Segen inherited the cause of the tower, the paper proposes the "Physiological Education Law", which advocates sensory training for children with incomplete and mentally retarded bodies, fully exert their physiological functions, promote their intelligence and personality development, and he has the mental treatment, health and education of dementia and the methods of dementia and their physiological treatment. Perhaps the imam and Segen's educational ideas and methods have influenced Monte Montessori. She thinks this is the forerunner of "Science Pedagogy".