What Are The Specific Educational Contents Of Montessori Education Idea?

- May 11, 2017 -

Montessori is an education to cultivate learning ability and habit

First of all, before mentioning the specific educational environment of Montessori, we are going to understand what is the educational goal of Montessori.

Montessori Education Concept is developed by the educational idea of Maria Mont, the basic principle is "follow the children".

The most important aspect of Montessori education is not related to school, unlike preschool education, which studies maths, learning English and claiming to teach children how much basic knowledge is. Meng Shi Education focuses on the personal development of children and fosters the perception of happiness and surprises for each child. In the Montessori environment learning process, children should enjoy their own childhood happiness, not in advance to grasp how much academic knowledge, more focused on the process of learning children.

Why is there such a difference between the thought we have inherent in the past? This is related to Montessori's educational philosophy and objectives, "This is a focus on cultivating children's learning ability and learning habits education", the children who receive Meng Shi education do not remember certain formulas, the way of memorizing words every day to improve the density of knowledge, but in the environment of Meng Shi Education to explore and find the answer, gradually grasp their own unique learning ability to broaden their knowledge.

"In fact, the children in the kindergarten environment do not have access to some basic recitation of the concept and the difficult problem, they are taught to explore and learn freely, so their learning habits, abilities and autonomy will be very strong." Slowly our children's strengths will gradually manifest themselves.